Not a whole lot is known about Marvel’s post-Avengers plans besides the obvious sequels to Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor. There has been chatter about Ant-Man, Inhumans, and Guardians of the Galaxy (most recently in Entertainment Weekly) but nothing solid has been set out by the studio besides release dates for two unknown films in 2014. Now we may have a slight tip to what the House of Ideas may be planning.

Stitch Kingdom has discovered a list of domain names that Disney (Marvel’s parent company) has registered and the information is telling. The domains are:

The Avengers is coming out next Summer, Iron Man 3 has a director and screenwriter, and Thor 2 is currently looking for directors. These movies are set and going to happen, so is a Dr. Strange movie a lock considering that it is on this list? Not really. Studios register domains all the time in the planning stages, even if the movies may not end up happening. But I would consider this a big hint that the Sorcerer Supreme will get his own movie at some point. He is the favorite character of Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige and would be an opportunity for the studio to branch out from the more traditional superhero films which they have indicated that they will try to do. I for one am excited for Marvel to take a stab at the more mystical side of their universe in film and think that a Dr. Strange movie would be just the project to do it with. Cool.